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2nd International conference on digital professional radio connection TETRA which was held on October 12, 2009 joined market leaders on TETRA connection for key market topics discussion.

What is world market condition in the field of digital professional radio connection TETRA? What place does TETRA rank into up-to-date info communication infrastructure in Russia? CEO of Tetra Association, Phil Kidner; Deputy Director of Tetrasvyaz, Maksim Strukalev; Director of Guardia-Plus, Alexander Odinskiy, and Observer of Networks/Network World Magazine, Alexander Giglavy made a speech to the questions.

The speakers noted that TETRA is not a technical project, but management engineering and not only for public security services, but also for all groups of citizens when extra fail-to-safe connection is necessary.

Phil Kidner made many examples of TETRA connection usage in different countries and in rather different fields of activity. Mr. Strukalev offered TETRA connection conception as a basis for integrated security systems generation, told about examples of decisions for operating management and effective information interoperability of government bodies, defense and law enforcement agencies and emergency services. Alexander Giglavy told about sectoral priorities in TETRA connection in Russia and about key problems regarding implementation and development of this communication standard. Alexander Odinskiy shared views about perspectives for TETRA connection.

Hans Borgonjen, Coordinator International Standardisation & Knowledge Exchange, Vts Police Netherlands (Dutch Public Safety Telecommunication Office), detailed about TETRA connections application in order to provide public security.

3rd session of the conference was devoted to TETRA connections application during social events, in particular while Olympic games execution. This technology is ideal for large events execution- Stephen Northcott, Senior Marketing Manager, Motorola Government Business, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, EMEA, Motorola, noted at the report. He told about examples of TETRA connections usage in such cases, determined key success factors of this technology usage.

Zhao Jian Zhong, General Manager of Purchase Department, Beijing Justtop Network Communication Co. Ltd, spoke with a practical case where key items of TETRA connection work during Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 year were described. Vladimir Shanskov, Technical Director of North-West Branch, Tetrasvyaz, shared experience with participants of the conference regarding TETRA connections engineering for Sochi 2014.

Different examples of TETRA connections application for corporate users were demonstrated to the participants of the conference. In particular, Igor Khomkov, General Director, Gaztechsvyaz, and Jalil Abdulganiev, Head of Technologic Communications Department, Gazprom transgaz Makhachkala, told about TETRA network installation and running which was constructed on the base of system Dimetra IP, Motorola, in oil and gas industry. Aleksey Baranov, Commercial Director, Tetrasvyaz, told about TETRA networks development in Moscow region. Aleksandr Zakharov, Head of Information Transfer with Radio Channel in Management Systems Department, NIIAS (Daughter Company of Russian Railways), and informed participants of the conference about future of TETRA application in railway transport technologies. Sergey Makarov, General Director, RCC Mobile Radio Systems, told about experience of Dimetra IP exploitation, in Saint-Petersburg subway. Mr. Makarov paid an attention to functionality capabilities and service maintenance of the system. Aleksey Nikitin, Tetrasvyaz, determined a wide range of issues regarding TETRA usage in Russian airports. Stephen Northcott, Senior Marketing Manager, Motorola Government Business, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, EMEA, Motorola, set before a wide range of TETRA advantages for O&G and transportation fields. Mr. Northcott described in details key demands of each industry and guessed solutions (terminals for explosive environment, opportunities for data communication, fail-safety and scalability of systems).

TETRA terminals and services based on TETRA networks had become a topic of conversation at the last session of the conference. Sergey Chivilev, Technical Director, Integra Pro, Vitaliy Kozlov, Director of North-West Branch, Tetrasvyaz Group of Companies, and Risto Toikkanen, TETRA Association delivered the reports.

The conference gathered about 100 participants from Russia, CIS and Europe. The conference provided participants with an opportunity to discuss key market issues, exchange views and receive recommendations from colleagues from leading Russian and foreign companies, carry on negotiations and receive new contacts.

infor-media Russia would like to accord a thank to sponsors Tetrasvyaz, Motorola, RCC Mobile Radio Systems and Integra Pro.

Stephen Northcott, Senior Marketing Manager, Motorola Government Business, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, EMEA, Motorola, and Alexander Moldavanov, Director, Tetrasvyaz Group of Companies, compared notes about 2nd International conference and exhibition on digital professional radio connection TETRA TETRA moving forward in Russia 2009.

A very good event with many opportunities to discuss the many benefits that TETRA technology can offer, for example at major events or for enterprise customers. Interesting for me was to listen to the presentations from Gazprom and St. Petersburg Metro which could showcase real benefits they have enjoyed by deploying TETRA technology", said Stephen Northcott.

We are satisfied with the conference and exhibition on digital professional radio connection TETRA, which gathered a respectable participants and guests list. We do hope that proceedings of the conference will give a new impulse to further TETRA standard implementation. Definitely it will make possible to secure life, provide facilities for efficiency upgrading governmental authorities, security agencies and first responders actions in the territory of Russian Federation noted Alexander Moldavanov.



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