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Phil Goldfrey,
President, TETRA Association

As well as being the founding Director of Arpeggio Limited, his own consulting business, Phil Godfrey is the current Chairman of the TETRA Association, an organisation that he has been involved with since its formation in 1994.
Phil has enjoyed a career spanning more than 35 years in the professional mobile radio business covering sales, service, marketing and general management positions. He has been involved in the commercial development of TETRA since 1993, during which time he has been instrumental in promoting TETRA within Europe and throughout the rest of the world.


Phil Kidner,
CEO, TETRA Association

Phil Kidner is CEO of the TETRA Association, which represents a membership of 150 organisations around the world. The TETRA Association is dedicated to supporting the mobile communications needs of mission critical users worldwide.

In his role as CEO, Phils main responsibility is to promote the TETRA standard and its benefits of security, resilience and interoperability, and manage its evolution to ensure the needs of all users are met. TETRA is now present in more than 100 countries and all continents with the exception of North America, where the technology is not yet available.

As the communications world converges, Phil is building and strengthening relationships with industry organisations and user groups across the world to help drive the TETRA market forward.

While public safety remains the largest sector, TETRA is increasingly used across the world in a variety of sectors including transportation, utilities, fuel and power, government and military users as well as public safety.

Phil joined the TETRA Association in April 2006 from PITO, now the NPIA, in the UK. Having originally joined PITO as a seconded police officer he retired from the police force in 2003 after thirty years service Phil gained an in-depth experience in all stages of major TETRA project implementation, from initial specification through procurement and implementation to service management. He was involved in the UKs Airwave programme from its inception in 1994.

Phil represented PITO on the TETRA Association Operators and Users forum, is a Past President of BAPCO and was Chair of the System Specification Group of Project MESA, an international partnership between ETSI and the US TIA addressing future mobile broadband communications.


Roger Dowling,
Director, TETRA Association

Roger has over 35 years experience working in the telecoms & computer industries. He was a founding director of Sepura which specialise in designing, developing and manufacturing TETRA terminals and which is now listed on the main London stock exchange.
Roger has been a Director and Board member of the TETRA Association since 2001 where he is responsible for monitoring and advising the board on financial and legal matters. He frequently presents, on behalf of the Association, on a variety of TETRA related topics.

Risto Toikkanen,
TETRA Association


Alexander Pershov,
Governmental policy in telecommunication sphere Department, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

Alexei Galkin,
Transport and Telecom Reformation Department, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Hans Borgonjen,
Coordinator International Standardisation & Knowledge Exchange, Vts Police Netherlands (Dutch Public Safety Telecommunication Office)

Vts Police Netherlands is a Dutch governmental ICT organisation founded especially for Public Safety. It delivers services on data communication, mobile communication (speech and data) and telephony. The operation of the TETRA network C2000 is also a responsibility of our organisation.
In the international field I have had an important function in the development of TETRA.
Being one of the fathers of the TETRA standard, I have participated in the ETSI work from the beginning.
I was also the negotiator of Schengen to NATO, with the unique result in obtaining the harmonized frequency band 380-400 MHz.
I have been a Board member within the TETRA Association from the start and at the moment vice-chairman.
I am also chairman of the PSRG (Public Safety Radio communication Group), an informal platform with now 15 participating countries. The PSRG has the goal to exchange information between government representatives who are responsible for radio projects.


Dmitriy Gurevich,
Director for Telecommunications, FSK EES


Jalil Abdulganiev,
Head of Technologic Communications Department, Gazprom transgaz Makhachkala

Igor Khomkov,
General Director, Gaztechsvyaz

Alexander Verigo,
Head of Communication Division, NIIAS (Daughter Company of Russian Railways)

Alexander Zakharov,
Head of Information Transfer with Radio Channel in Management Systems Department, NIIAS (Daughter Company of Russian Railways)


Yuri Pirig,
Deputy Director, Global Novicom (Kazakhstan)

Alexander Odinskiy,
Director, Guardia-Plus


Alexander Moldavanov,
Director, Tetrasvyaz Group of Companies, General Director, Tetrasvyaz


Sergey Shishov,
Technical Director,Tetrasvyaz


Alexey Baranov,
Commercial Director,Tetrasvyaz


Elena Patrikeeva,
Director for Development,Tetrasvyaz


Vitaliy Kozlov,
Director of North-West Branch, Tetrasvyaz Group of Companies

Stephen Northcott,
Senior Marketing Manager, Motorola Government Business, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, EMEA, Motorola

Stephen Northcott is Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for TETRA for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region. He is responsible for marketing TETRA infrastructure, devices, services and applications including developing and communicating Motorolas market position and key messages to both internal and external audiences. Working closely with the sales teams, Stephen is also responsible for developing sales propositions and integrated marketing campaigns.

Stephen has 15 years experience in the mobile communications sector at both vendor and operator level. Prior to joining Motorola in 2000, Stephen was Strategy Manager for GSM/UMTS at Lucent Technologies.Before that he worked for Orange PCS where he was Market Planning Manager. One of his responsibilities was specifying Oranges launch coverage requirements.

Stephen holds a B.Eng. Hons degree in Production Engineering and B.Com.Hons in Business Studies, both from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Sergey Makarov,
General Director, RCC Mobile Radio Systems

Sergey Chivilev,
Technical Director, Integra Pro

Alexander Giglavy,
Observer, Networks/Network World Magazine

and others.




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