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International Forum and Exhibition Professional Mobile Radio Communications was held on October, 67 2011 in Moscow. This is the only industrial event in Russia reflecting the latest trends and issues in the professional radio communications market.

More than 170 participants, DMR market experts traditionally got together to discuss the latest construction, implementation and operation projects of professional radio communications, technology equipping of economic strategic sectors and power structures, as well as other key issues. The event was traditionally supported by TETRA International Association and DMR Association.

infor-media Russia expresses special thanks to the following companies sponsoring the event: Tetracvyaz, Cassidian, Motorola Solutions, RKK Mobile Radio Systems, DAMM Cellular System A S, Hytera, concern Sozvezdie, Information Space Centre Severnaya Korona and Neocom.

At the Forum plenary meeting, devoted the PMR market conditions in Russia, speeches were made by: Jeppe Jepsen, Head of TETRA International Association, Tom Mockridge, Chairman of the Technical Working Group, DMR Association, Alexander Odinsky, CEO, Gvardiya Plus, Mikhail Kaigorodov, CCO, Tetrasvyaz. Participants discussed strategic issues of the industry, estimated key standards development and outlined the market problems.

Current technology resources integration and a single information and communication resource creation should become the main development trend of professional mobile radio communications in the country, believes Mikhail Kaigorodov, CCO, Tetrasvyaz. A unified state policy in PMR services and operational dispatch management systems will become a base for national security and life activities", he continued. Mr. Kaygorodovs speech evoked great interest among the Forum participants and initiated discussions.

A large number of issues was caused by Vladimir Degtyarevs speech (Development Director, Omsk Radio Manufacturing Plant named after A.S. Popov), who spoke about the radio communication for emergency responders. He noted that the company products were being operation in more than 30 countries, thus highlighting plants technological capabilities to participate in new digital radio communications development. Moreover, he displayed HPIP platform allowing to combine various standards and protocols, providing end-user with signal communication anywhere and at all times.

The session devoted to PMR systems for power structures and public safety services was continued by Vyacheslav Solopov, Marketing Director, Concern Sozvezdie. He spoke about broadband wireless solutions based on Wi-Fi, facilities monitoring systems based on GLONASS/GPS and BWA networks, WiMAX / LTE networks with secure radio communications subsystem for defense needs, security and public safety, as well as current safety systems on site.

Jaakko Etelaaho, Senior manager of Cassidian Systems, spoke about the latest trends in TETRA networks for public safety. He made an example of TETRA networks implementation based on Cassidian equipment at such big events as Formula I, World Football Cap, Summits G20, G8 summits and many others.

Sergey Melnik, Director for certification, Research and Development Centre Komset rose great interest of the audience speaking about networks TETRA time and frequency synchronization using GNSS GLONASS and GLONASS / GPC. According to him, the time is coming when in addition to the main system purpose speech transmission, a need for data transmission arises. He highlighted that TETRA technology is especially promising in terms of areas coverage.

Tom Mockridge, Chairman of the Technical Working Group, DMR Association discussed in details TETRA and DMR positioning for a corporate user.

Representatives of major state and private corporations highlighted professional radio communication systems usage by corporate users in the last session. Experimental operation of MotoTRBO and radius-IP in Gazprom Transgaz Moscow was presented by Yuriy Toropov, Head of Radio Communications department.

The event was completed with Anatoly Volodins report (expert group Head, Novorossiyk Port) on a complex data protection of a corporate information management system.

Speeches at the forum were of practical effect, which was highly appreciated by the audience.

The Forum traditionally held an expo, which increased twice in comparison with the previous year. Motorola Solutions, RKK Mobile Radio Systems, Panorama Antennas and Communication Technologies, Kalugapribor, Atos Switzerland, Caga, Communications, Elcom+, Hytera and Line test displayed their equipment, base stations, subscriber units and new software for PMR networks.

On October, 7 Motorola Solutions carried out a workshop, displayed digital professional radio communication standard DMR - MOTOTRBO and a detailed operation mode of this solution, its applications. A range of radio stations was presented and the main benefits of such DMR-based systems were outlined. The speaker noted that this system is already widely used in industrial enterprises, energy companies, Russian Railways and many other companies.

The next Forum and Expo devoted to professional mobile radio communications will be held on October 4-5, 2012 in Moscow. We hope to see you among participants and exhibitors!



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