Professional Radio Communication and Navigation

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Konstatin Ankilov,
General Director, TMT Consulting



Alessandro Carelli,
Head of DMR Product Management Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructures LoB, Association DMR

Alessandro Carelli is the Head of DMR Product Management at SELEX ES S.p.A. With over 17 years of experience, Alessandro is responsible for Life Cycle Management of DMR products’ portfolio from design, phase in to phase out. He started in 1996 at Prod-el SpA (formerly Marconi Group, SELEX Communications, SELEX Elsag and now SELEX ES) developing the first Auto-Adaptive ECOS simulcast radio system. Throughout this time he was involved in various aspects of radio development from DSP to system architecture. In 2006 he joined Prod-El’s  System Engineering Team following key contracts from their designing phase to deployment. One of them is the first and largest DMR Simulcast System deployed by SELEX for G8 Summit 2009 in L’Aquila (Italy). He is also working as Senior System Engineer to support the design of system solutions tailored suit customer needs. Alessandro is SELEX ES’s representative on the ETSI DMR working group and has been actively involved in the development of the standard since it’s inception in 2003.



Radislav Gayfulin,
Commercial Director, Saga Telecom



Andrey Gritsenko,
CEO, Severnaya Korona



Sergey Kachanov,
Deputy Head, Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, FGU Institute of Civil Defence (FC)



Phil Kidner,
CEO, Tetra Critical Communications Association



Hans-Gerd Krause,
Dipl.-Ing., Funkwerk Security Communications GmbH

Geboren 31.07.1957 in Rudolstadt, Deutschland.

Abitur 1976.

1977–1982 Studium an der Kaspischen Höheren Seekriegsschule in Baku (ehemals Sowjetunion), Abschluß als Diplomingenieur für Kommunikationstechnik.

1982–1987 Dienst in der Volksmarine als Spezialist für Kommunikationstechnik.

1987–1989 Studium an der Seekriegsakademie in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Abschluß als Diplomingenieur.

1989–1991 Dienst in der Volksmarine und später Bundesmarine als Spezialist für Kommunikationstechnik.

1991–1995 Angestellt bei BOSCH TELECOM GMBH zur Projektierung und Verkauf von Kommunikationssystemen in Deutschland.

1996 — heute Angestellt bei der FUNKTEL/Funkwerk GmbH Area Manager East European Countries für Kommunikationssysteme.



Alexander Odinskiy,
Independent Expert



Sergey Shavkunov,
Executive Director, J’son and Partners Consulting



Vladislav Tamarkin,
Deputy Head of Strategic Development Centre, NIIAS



Alexey Volkov,
Head of Network Development, Svyaztransneft



Yuriy Vygonskiy,
Deputy General Designer, Information Satellite Systems named after Academician Reshetnev









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