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Official Partner


Official Partner



Russian company Information Space Center “Severnaya Corona” works at the high end market more than 20 years. Primary focus of the Company is the design of ground-based and satellite radio systems of different application.

The Company is fully engaged in the design of advanced satellite systems and networks, among them are high elliptical-orbit systems (Express-RV, Rosinfocom). Skills set of the Company includes analysis and estimate of technical characteristics and capabilities of designed systems, such as orbit construction, high assurance coverage, multipath coverage, radio link energy.

Background of experience and unique proprietary software enables designing frequency allocation plans of ground-based systems as promptly as possible, providing high communication reliability and stability even though electromagnetic environment is complex.

The Company specializes in development of vertical software for satellite and ground-based communication systems design. It is one of the Top Companies who supply proprietary software for professional users. More than 200 companies from Russia and also from near-abroad countries are authorized users of software, developed by the Company.



Airbus Defence and Space is a leading provider of secure communication solutions for mission-critical users in the civil and military markets. The company has deployed more than 280 networks in 74 countries, and is the US leader for 9-1-1 response centres with more than 60% of the market. Its portfolio encompasses emergency response centres (9-1-1/112) and professional mobile radio communication (PMR/LMR), including network solutions, radio terminals, dispatching, network and security operating centres, and services. Airbus Defence and Space is also a strategic partner for providing secure communication solutions to biggest Oil and Gas companies in Middle East and Russia. Airbus Defence and Space is a division of Airbus Group formed by combining the business activities of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military.





SAGA Telecom, founded in 1993, is a reliable system integrator and an expert in all spheres of professional mobile communications.

The company offers a whole range of services necessary for creating wireless segments of corporate communication infrastructures for voice and data transmission, from the client’s requirements qualification and technical enquiry drafting, to preparation of project documents, regulatory support, equipment delivery, installation, adjustment and commissioning, to system support and consulting. Technical means include conventional, analogue and digital PMR systems of DMR, TETRA and APCO25 standards as well as microwave transmission, satellite communication systems, etc.





Hytera Communications Co., Ltd. (SHE:002583), a world’s leading PMR solution provider, is dedicated to offering customized and complete professional communications solutions to government and public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business for higher capability in routine and critical missions, and better integration of communications with managerial excellence, and improved efficiency of organizational operation.

Hytera invests around 15% of its revenue each year in R&D for technology innovation. It has established three PMR R&D bases in Shenzhen, Harbin and Nanjing in China, as well as Hannover and Flensburg in Germany, with and international R&D team of nearly 1,500 members. Hytera is an active member of DMR and TETRA associations, and a core contributor to China’s Professional Digital Trunking (PDT) standard. As the only one in the world capable of offering full line of TETRA, DMR and PDT products and solutions, Hytera is witnessing swift growth in global markets by 43% CAGR, which makes Hytera the fastest growing brand of PMR communications.

So far, Hytera has sold its products to around 100 countries and regions, with largest market shares in China and second biggest radio shipment around the world.


Silver Sponsor

DAMM Cellular Systems is a world leading provider of scalable, flexible, user friendly and cost effective TETRA infrastructure products to industrial, commercial and public safety customers.

Being a key player for more than 25 years within professional radio communication DAMM is taking the lead in TETRA technology through superior engineering and constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity.

The DAMM TetraFlex® infrastructure system provides the most cost effective solution, fastest deployment of TETRA and DMR infrastructure, easy access to responsive support and the full benefit from leading edge technology.

DAMM is entirely committed the provision of infrastructure. The TetraFlex® is fully interoperable with terminals from all major terminal vendors.

With the TetraFlex® system comes a long range of advanced integrated software tools, such as Network Management, Dispatcher, Voice and Data Management, Software based applications and an advanced API for easy integration with third party applications.

With latest development of DMR trunked solution feature reach DAMM portfolio becomes more advanced and sophisticated oriented for future use by professional customers.

DAMM solutions and support are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners.


Bronze Sponsor

TRBOnet™ is an innovative solution that can be used to build and manage multifunctional centers based on Motorola MOTOTRBO system. The TRBOnet Enterprise suite provides voice dispatch and AVL tracking. The suite also includes voice recording, phone interconnect, Geofence, text and telemetry. The solution can integrate with scanners and printers, program option boards, as well as handle job ticketing. These are but few of the capabilities that differentiate this powerful and feature-rich solution. TRBOnet Watch expands the possibilities of the radio network monitoring to provide proactive management and reduces system downtime. TRBOnet supports the complete MOTOTRBO product line.

TRBOnettm solutions:

  • Development of a radio dispatching systems of any configuration
  • Full monitoring and diagnosis of digital radio
  • Significant expansion of digital radio functions
  • Reliable hardware solutions for digital communication systems


With the participation

The group of companies "Guardiya-plus" specializes in the engineering and distribution of digital radio systems standards TETRA, GSM-R, LTE and DMR using equipment from leading manufacturers.

Founded in 1992 in Moscow, a group of companies, which combines such companies: "Guardiya-plus TLC", LLC "Guardiya-plus Telecom" LLC "Neocom plus Guardiya", LLP "Guardiya-plus TLC" (Republic of Kazakhstan ) Ltd. and "Porra", Group of companies "Guardiya-plus" has grown to a key integrator and equipment supplier of mobile and fixed wireless communication services on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

The company "Guardiya-plus TLC" is engaged in research and development works on the introduction of modern digital radio networks on the railways, the Moscow metro, airports, waterways and maritime transport, fuel and energy complex and security agencies.

Group provides mobile radio in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions, as well as Kazan and Tatarstan.

Employees are able to perform the work at all stages of engineering, construction and operation of radio systems from consulting services in terms of obtaining permits to use radio frequencies, developing, engineering radio systems to the construction and commissioning, as well as warranty, post-warranty service and maintenance projects .
For us there are no unsolvable problems!!!

We are not looking for the causes — we find solutions!!!


With the participation

JSC "Roszheldorproject" is the leader in design and survey works for the Russian railway.

In 2006, through the merger of design and research institutes, formerly part of the JSC "Russian Railways", was formed JSC "Roszheldorproject." The unique experience of the oldest institutions in the industry was supplemented by new technologies and modern approaches to the management of business processes. Today, the company consists of 21 branches, one subsidiary and regional divisions.

The company actively develops and markets innovative technologies and projects. In an innovative program of the Company included the following main units:

  • the creation of automatical systems of through design;
  • the creation of specialized databases;
  • improvements of the regulatory framework of standard materials and technologies for the design and methodological materials for the design;
  • development and implementation of Complex system of spatial data of infrastructure of railway transport (CSSD IRS);
  • development of technology and functional applications using digital model of the track (DMT).


With the participation





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